Tuition fee

The tuition fee is:

8000 euro/year for non-EEA students
4000 euro/year for EEA students.

Tuition fee can be waived down to 900euro/year, except for non-EEA students going to Chalmers.

The tuition fee covers the institutional enrolment at the hosting institutions and includes:

  • access to all courses, exercise or lab sessions
  • the examination fees
  • a collective accident insurance policy
  • subscription to an insurance for civil liability for study related activities.
  • subscription to a third party liability insurance
  • affiliation with a health insurance company
  • support from the student services of the university
  • use of the library in accordance with the library regulations of the university
  • use of the information technology infrastructure in accordance with the specific regulations of the university
  • participation to the May workshop (travel and accomodation cost)

Students are expected to finance their accommodation, living cost, obligatory European insurance and travel costs themselves. The respective institutes have services for foreign students that can provide assistance in arranging accommodation, insurances and other living arrangements.
In some cases the consortium can decide to grant tuition waivers for excellent students without external scholarships.