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Chirag Patil, India

Thank you very much for your wishes and greetings.  The last two years were indeed the best days of my student life.  It opened up a wide range of research fields and disciplines which I was unaware of and which went on to impact my interests.  Apart from good education, it has shown me the way of life in different parts of the world.  The experience of studying in a different country was overwhelming at first but the exchange programme that it offers has definitely developed my confidence to survive anywhere on this planet.  The summer workshops were like an icing on the cake where we experienced a lot first-hand apart from fun-filled sessions.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your support and appreciation.  I would also like to thank Elke for supporting us at each and every step of this programme.
Dank u wel voor de kans, lid te worden van de Erasmus Mundus familie!

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Below you can read testimonials from students who followed this program in the past !

Juan Enrique Ramirez Hernandez, Mexico

Previous education: Bachelor Chemist-Biologist, Msc Physics Universidad de Sonora, Mexico

The EMM Nano progam offerd me the greatest academic experience in my life; the opportunity to study in 2 European top Universities with excellently qualified professors in a vast number of nanotechnology-related fields.  The chance to be able to share 2 years with fellow students from all sorts of academic and cultural backgrounds allowed me not only to increase my technical and scientific knowledge, but also to grow as a person.  I was able to broaden my area of expertise by making use of my previously acquired aptitudes, a chance only a highly multi-disciplinary curriculum as this one can give.  I encourage everyone interested in pursuing Nanoscience and Nanotechnology as a career to definitely apply for this amazing program.

Dries Agten, Belgium

Master student Space Science and Technology, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

“Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Quite a mouthful, one thinks at first sight. However, I can tell you that its elaborate name is completely justified by the wide experience that you gain in this Master. Not only is it very multidisciplinary, it also offers you a unique opportunity to broaden your horizon and to interact with people from all over the world. For me personally, participating in this Master paved the way for an Erasmus Mundus Master course, more specifically the Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Space Science and Technology. It is truly a completely different field, but I feel that, even here, I can benefit from my education in nanoscience and nanotechnology. I hope that one day, you will be able to say the same!”

Bert Vanpoucke, Belgium

Previous education: Bachelor in physics, KU Leuven, Belgium

Present Job: FLS engineer at ASML, the Netherlands.

The EMM program will open your horizon. You will have the opportunity to study at two different top European universities within a specific study field. This will allow you to get the best of each and expand your knowledge outside your own scientific comfort zone. Also the diversity of fellow students will broaden your perspective and they will be eager to share their culture with you.

After my studies I found a job in a high tech company. There is no study that prepares you perfectly for any job. However, this program offers such great diversity that you will be prepared as much as possible. This Master programme will bring you in touch with interesting people, state of the art research facilities, it will broaden your scientific knowledge and you will have great time.

Himanshu Gupta, India

Previous education: Bachelor Science Techn. Engineering Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Present position: Experimental Physicist, MAPPER Lithography, The Netherlands

I belong to the first generation of EMM-Nano alumni as I graduated in 2007. I am working since then in The Netherlands (Europe) as an Experimental Physicist in a High-tech start-up named MAPPER Lithography. The EMM-Nano programme provided me a unique platform to explore the career opportunities in Europe both in academic and in job market. Furthermore, the programme helped me in changing my perception about Europe that academics here were less competitive. The competition was as much as I wanted it to be! The fact that studying far from the comfort of home country and known social and cultural etiquettes made study at least challenging.

Michaël Simoen, Belgium

Previous education: Bachelor Eelctrical Engineering, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

Present position: PhD student at Chalmers University, Sweden

What stood out for me immediately was the interdisciplinarity of the field. It ranges literally from biology and chemistry over both pure and applied physics to engineering. My background was electrical and mechanical engineering, a rather applied field, but I quickly picked up new knowledge from a whole range of sciences, both applied and less applied. But besides the necessary theoretical work we also got the possibility to do some hands on work in various projects and in a state-of-the-art cleanroom, as well as get interesting lectures from well-known experts in the field and from all over the world. There is also an annual workshop, where all the students throughout the program in Europe come together in one of the sites, to catch up and to see some of the work they have been doing.

Tomás Magalhães, Portugal

Previous education: Physics engineering, Uiversidade do Porto, Portugal

The EMM in Nanoscience was not only an amazing way to get a very good education in top European universities but also a chance to get to know many different cultures. It is quite an exciting and promising masters programme to have on my CV. After all, everyone has heard about Nanotechnology (even if they have no idea what it means!) and every company likes candidates with plenty of experience abroad.

I can definitely say I grew plenty during the past two years, the experience of being completely alone away from home for the first time and of participating in a top class research group were very enriching. I met so many people with so many different backgrounds that I am now confident that I have a place to stay and probably a friend whichever corner of the world I find myself in.

Shashank Shekhar, India

Previous education: Bachelor of Science in Physics, Loyola College, University of Madras, India

My EMM experience was one great roller-coaster ride through some of the world’s most beautiful cities like Paris and Dresden! At the same time, it also brought me face to face with high-quality research at world renowned Max-Planck Institutes and the CNRS. Meeting fellow students from all around the world, sometimes countries I had never heard of before was, of course, the best part! I will certainly cherish and draw upon my experiences of these two years for the rest of my life.

Arthur Taylor, Brazil

Previous education: Bachelor Material Science and Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

The EMM-Nano provides not only the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in Europe but also a rich intercultural environment! In my case, I had classmates from more than 20 different countries! It is an amazing chance to learn and share great experiences! The structure of the program gives the student plenty of freedom to adjust the curriculum according to his interests while giving the essential background which is necessary to such a broad field like nanotechnology.

Saurabh Srivastava, India

Previous education: Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology, Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Deemed University, India

The biggest plus point of the program is that it is fully funded and is also offering a dual degree i.e. one each from the attended university. I accepted the offer for this program and came for my first year in Delft with my second year in Dresden.

The most incredible thing about the program which I experienced was that it integrates so many aspects of Nanoscience and nanotechnology on extensive basis, without sacrificing the level of details and quality of education.

The EMM-Nanoprogramme has given me one of the best experiences in my life, with knowledge, experiences and friends which will stay in my mind and heart wherever I go.

Bregt Verreet, Belgium

Previous education: Bachelor Electrical Engineering, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

Present position: PhD student at IMEC and K.U. Leuven, Belgium

To me, the most amazing thing about the EMM Nano is how it succeeds to integrate so many different aspects into a single programme. The interdisciplinary nature of Nanoscience makes the lectures start with some quantumphysics, then takes you to the chemistry of self-assembly, shows you the toolbox of semiconductor physicists and reveils some of the wonderous aspects of superconductors. By the time you’ll have to choose a Master’s thesis, you face the “problem” of an overabundance of exciting projects. In the meantime you get to know two countries. And within your own class you are amid even more cultures, so even the lectures feel like vacation! A taste of the world merged into a state-of-the-art program, what’s not to like?