What is the difference between the scholarship for students/research scholars?
We offer 2 kind of scholarships.  For students, with minimum a Bachelor degree, we offer scholarships for a 2 year Master programme.  Research scholars are academic researchers who can participate to research in one of the research groups linked to the master. For such scholars we offer a scholarship for 3 months.

Who can apply as a scholar?
People working at a university, who have been teaching for minimum 5 years, who are strong in research and who have a good knowledge of English.  Scholars are expected to do research and  give lectures.

Certified copy?
You can have your photocopies of diploma and transcripts certified by the university that issued the diploma and transcripts, or by the Belgian diplomatic post.  This is needed for the selection procedures.  However, in case you are selected, you need to show your originals when registering at the university.

I have a degree in …  Can I be accepted?
We never select students based on a degree title.  The only way to judge whether a student can be allowed is by the online application form and the required documents (degree, transcripts, English proficiency test, etc.).  We do require a strong background in mathematics, physics, chemistry and electronics.  It goes without saying that if you have no scientific background at all, you can not be selected, merely because you won’t have the right basic knowledge to follow our classes.

I want to apply for the programme, but will only get my degree after the application date.
Most students apply in the year they will graduate and thus can not send in their degree and transcripts for the final year.  This is not a problem;  we ask students for the transcripts from all previous years.  Should a student be selected for the programme he/she will have to provide us with the final transcripts/degree before starting the programme.

Recommendation letter
We do not have a standard form for the recommendation letter.  The recommendation letter can be written by anyone from your university who can recommend your capabilities in the field.

The European Commission provides a limited number of scholarships for non-EEA students.  No special application needs to be done.  By completing the application for the programme, you are automatically considered for the scholarship as well, unless specifically mentioned that you do not wish to apply for the scholarship.  More info on the grants can be found here

When does the academic year start?
The academic year starts in September/October, depending on the university you go to.  Since it is a 2-year Master you have to start at the beginning of the academic year.

When does the selection take place?  How does it happen?
The selection of the non-EEA students takes place mid January, for the EEA students this is mid May, after the deadlines for application.
Before the selection, all Board Members, consisting of members from the 4 universities, will thoroughly review all applications and prepare their grading.  During the selection meeting all files will be discussed and we commonly agree whether a student will be accepted or not.  After the selection all students will receive an email informing the Board’s decision.  As soon as the selection has been approved by the European Commission, the official acceptance letters will be sent to the selected students.