Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are important but relatively new disciplines and as such they are accompanied by many uncertainties as to their impact on modern society. It is expected that nanotechnology will eventually impact on every area of our world and on every aspect of our lives.

Nanotechnology does not only refer to techniques that are used to study the world at nanometer scale (the scale of a few atoms) but also to the technology used to design and fabricate the building blocks with nano-scale precision. These building blocks will allow the development of revolutionary new materials, new applications in the bio field and in information technology, consumer articles and appliances, a promise already made for years now by nano-scientists. But when can we really expect that these new applications will massively become available? And how can and will we deal with these technologies in a responsible way?

These are the type of questions that are treated in the Series of Lectures on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. These lectures are given by local and international experts on various and very divergent topics such as new important developments in nanotechnology, the opportunities for nanotechnology applications, the legal and ethical aspects and risks of nanotechnology developments and some business aspects.  They are a compulsory part of the master program and have to be followed by all students, both during the first and the second year of the program, but they are also open to everyone interested in the latest new developments and in the important scientific, fundamental, ethical, societal or legal aspects.

These lectures are organized in the second semester of the Academic Year. The lectures are broadcast live to all participating universities using a Virtual Classroom concept. All lectures are always followed by a discussion session involving the lecturers, the students and nanotechnology professionals.

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